Trials & Studies

RSV Vaccination Studies

There are ongoing phase 3 maternal and adult vaccination studies, respectively.

Phase 3 maternal vaccination study aims to analyse the efficacy of RSVpreF vaccine in infants born to women vaccinated during pregnancy.

Phase 3 adult vaccination study aims to analyse the efficacy, immunogenicity and safety of the RSVpreF vaccine candidate in 30,000 subjects.

RSV Epidemiology Studies

INFORM and RSV GOLD are ongoing studies to gain insight into RSV Epidemiology. 

​INFORM aims to investigate the worldwide molecular diversity of RSV isolates collected from children less than 5 years of age. 

​RSV GOLD aims to fill gaps in global clinical data on RSV, and hence create a global online database of RSV morality in young children.

More studies

PROMISE is a project that works to develop a robust surveillance network on RSV disease, with the goal of strengthening epidemiological and virological surveillance in EUROPE. 

We are involved in an observational study of children under the age of two who have been hospitalized with RSV, with the aim of incidence rate  of hospitalizations and burdens associated with  RSV.