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EDP-938 : RSV inhibitor as a potential treatment intervention?

Alaa Ahmad, Ph.D., Kingsley Eze, B.Sc., Nicolas Noulin, Ph.D., Veronika Horvathova, M.B., Ch.B., Bryan Murray, M.B., B.S., Mark Baillet, B.Sc., C.Stat., Laura Grey, Ph.D., Julie Mori, Ph.D., and Nathalie Adda

Adda et al. investigated a potential inhibitor of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in a human challenge study. An inhibitor, known as EDP-938, would act in such a way whereby it would alter and interfere with a protein that allows for RSV to replicate in the human...

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The drivers of the RSV rebound during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You Li, PhD, Xin Wang, PhD, Bingbing Cong, BMed, Shuyu Deng, BMed, Daniel R Feikin, MD, Harish Nair, PhDYou Li and co-workers investigated why RSV has rebounded after the expected local RSV season in several countries during the COVID-19 pandemic. The RSV epidemic was late in the 18 countries included, and 11 observed a rebound before September 2021. The risk of observing a rebound of RSV was 23 times higher after re-opening schools. On the contrary, an increase in temperature of 5°C decreas […]

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Increasing RSV PICU admissions after large-scale introduction of high flow nasal cannula

Linssen RS, Bem RA, Kapitein B, Rengerink KO, Otten MH, den Hollander B, Bont L, van Woensel JBMHigh flow oxygen intends to decrease work of breathing and prevent respiratory failure. Despite trials have shown benefit, high flow oxygen has not brought the success hoped for as it did not decrease the need for PICU admissions. This study studied trends in 15,606 pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) admissions for (RSV) bronchiolitis in The Netherlands, France, Scotland, Belgium, Italy and Norway b […]

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How to use potential RSV preventive interventions wisely? A modelling study on seasonal-approaches of maternal vaccination and passive immunization

Li Y, Hodgson D, Wang X, Atkins KE, Feikin DR, Nair HAs soon as the temperature goes down by the end of summer and the beginning of fall, viruses are lurking around the corner. RSV is also such a virus, which has a clear seasonality in most countries. Maternal vaccination and passive immunization approaches for RSV are currently in development in clinical trials. However, both preventive measures will only offer an infant protection for approximately 3 to 5 months. Timing these defensive strateg […]

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Sustainable response to DS-Cav1 in healthy volunteers

Ruckwardt TJ, Morabito KM, Phung E, Crank MC, Costner PJ, Holman LA, Chang LA, Hickman SP, Berkowitz NM, Gordon IJ, Yamshchikov GV, Gaudinski MR, Lin B, Bailer R, Chen M, Ortega-Villa AM, Nguyen T, Kumar A, Schwartz RM, Kueltzo LA, Stein JA, Carlton K, Gall JG, Nason MC, Mascola JR, Chen G, Graham BS, VRC 317 study team The Vaccine Research Center of NIH published a randomized, open-label, dose-escalation phase 1 clinical trial of the DS-Cav1 stabilized pre-F subunit vaccine. 95 healthy adu […]

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Outpatient burden of RSV infection in newborns

Thomas E, Mattila JM, Lehtinen P, Vuorinen T, Waris M, Heikkinen T​RSV is the number one cause of hospitalization for acute lower respiratory tract infection in infants. Moreover, RSV affects an even bigger group of non-hospitalized children. Thomas and his colleagues decided to investigate the burden of RSV infection in this under-recognized patient group. They prospectively followed 408 newborns in Finland during their first RSV season. Throughout this period, one third of the participan […]

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Reduction of COVID-19 and related public health measures may inflict a rise in RSV infection

Foley DA, Yeoh DK, Minney-Smith CA, Martin AC, Mace AO, Sikazwe CT, Le H, Levy A, Moore HC, Blyth CC During the current COVID-19 pandemic, RSV infections have fallen of the radar. We have seen a tremendous decrease in RSV infection rates, which usually peak during the fall and winter seasons. This raises the question: what is going to happen when COVID-19 cases decline and public health measures are reduced? Foley and his colleagues highlight the situation in Western Australia in their lett […]

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Adenovirus vector containing RSV pre-F induces neutralizing antibodies

Sadoff J, De Paepe E, DeVincenzo J, Gymnopoulou E, Menten J, Murray B, Bastian AR, Vandebosch A, Haazen W, Noulin N, Comeaux C, Heijnen E, Eze K, Gilbert A, Lambkin-Williams R, Schuitemaker H, Callendret BJanssen Pharmaceuticals has shown that a single intramuscular injection with an adenovector (Ad26) -based RSV vaccine is highly immunogenic and able to induce a six-fold increase in RSV A2 neutralizing antibody titers. Viral replication upon RSV A challenge at day 28 after immunization was […]

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