Personal stories

Rachael Thomas

Rachael’s story was part of the RSV Awareness Week 2022. She shares her experience with RSV and the devastating impact it had on her family.

Kate Ball

Kate shares her personal experience of her young twins experiencing RSV and Dr Simon shares his advice to parents and carers on reducing RSV risk.

Sanne’s story

Sanne is the mother of Vik, who got infected with RSV when he was 7 weeks old. Every year during the RSV season they have to take action to prevent Vik from getting RSV. See what Sanne does to prevent Vik from getting sick.

RSV in older adults

Older adults share their story about their experience with RSV. They did not know about RSV before they were infected. They talk about the impact of RSV and the long-term aftermath.

Simone’s story

In the RSV Awareness week in 2019, Simone, a mother from Ghana, who last her son from RSV was sharing her personal video entitled “Why we should all know about RSV.

Join us in our mission

Are you a patient or a parent of a child that was hospitalised with RSV and do you want to contribute to raising awareness about RSV or want to participate in medical scientific research in this field as a parent representative? Please let us know!