Awareness Week ’23

RSV Awareness Week 2023:

Share to be RSV Aware!

From 6 – 10 of November

The children’s e-book titled “Anne’s baby brother has RSV”

Free to download!

This e-book is about Anna’s brother Thomas. One day, Thomas developed a persistent cough, snot bubbles appeared and he is very tired, indicating that something was not quite right. When they go to the doctor Thomas is diagnosed with RSV. Read the full story to see how Thomas is doing….

Why do you raise awareness for RSV?

On November 6th, the RSV awareness week ’23, Share to be RSV Aware, begins. Together, we aim to raise as much awareness as possible for RSV.

Why do you want to raise awareness about RSV?

Listen to personal stories of older adults

Worldwide, there is still limited awareness about RSV in older adults. Watch this video in which older adults share their experience with RSV.

Interview between a mother and a professional about the new RSV vaccinations

How do the new vaccinations work? Are these vaccinations safe? For my father/mother/grandmother/grandfather, is RSV really that serious?

Rachael Thomas, member of the RSV patient network, interviews Dr. Lieke de Vrankrijker and find out more about RSV, vaccinations and why adults > 60 years are at greater risk of a more severe course of infection.

A professional speaks about RSV in Mozambique

RSV is a global disease, the second leading cause of death of children under 5 years of age after malaria. The greatest mortality occurs in middle- and low-income countries.

Dr. Afshan Tahiti working in the pediatric department at a hospital in Mozambique told how in Mozambique they have the knowledge but (unfortunately) not all the facilities to properly treat all children with RSV.

Watch and listen to the story of Dr. Afshan!