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RSV Awareness Week 2022:

Share to be Aware

From Monday the 7th of November up and till Friday the 11th of November, we were campaigning for more awareness about RSV. This year, our theme is: “Share to be Aware!”, advocating for everyone to share their experiences with RSV.

RSV Awareness Week 2022:

RSV in Older Adults

What could happen if you are an older adult? What are the RSV symptoms? How to prevent an RSV infection. Watch the animation video for answers to those questions.

RSV Awareness Week 2022:

The impact of RSV on a family

In this video, Rachael Thomas, a member of the RSV Patient Network, shares her experience with RSV and the devastating impact it had on her family.

The Psychological  Impact of RSV

Esther’s story

Esther Bleeker talks about the psychological impact her daughter Elynn’s hospitalisation had on her. She also talks about how Elynn suffered from the hospitalisations and how this was picked up by the paediatrician.

RSV and the Long-term Aftermath

Willemien and Lola

Willemien talks about Lola’s hospitalisations, the impact it’s had on her family and the measures they took to prevent re-infection. Lola talks about the symptoms she still has after the RSV infection.

RSV and the Long-term Aftermath

Sanne’s story

In this video, Sanne Hulsen shares her story about the long-term aftermath of RSV. Her son Vik will tell you how to use his inhaler and what it does for him.

Infographic RSV and Pregnancy

Lisa van Wissen

Lisa van Wissen is a mother and midwife. She has a lot of knowledge about RSV and prevention, which she summarised in infographics. Watch the infographic to learn more about RSV from a midwife’s perspective.

Interview with Dr. Ann Falsey

RSV in Older Adults

Dr. Falsey is specialist respiratory viral infections in older adults. Click on the button below to read this impressive interview, where she shares her research experiences about RSV in older adults.