What is RSV?

General information on what RSV is. Who are the targets groups? What research on RSV has been done over the years. Watch this animation video to gather more information.

RSV in older adults

What could happen? What are the symptoms? How to prevent an RSV infection. Watch the animation video for answers to those questions.

RSV in young children

What should parents know about RSV? What are the symptoms of an RSV infection in young babies? Learn more about RSV in young babies, watch the video.

About the Patient Network

The RSV Patient Network started (in 2013) as a network of parents whose children were hospitalised with RSV infection during infancy. Nowadays, we are a network of adults above >60 years old and (future) parents, which represent all our target groups. We are committed to increasing public awareness of RSV. Most notably in our efforts to achieve this goal, we have established a Patient Advisory Board, where we are involved in various RSV research projects representing the patient perspective. We use our hands-on experience to make an independent and valuable contribution to the relevance, quality and results of RSV research.

In 2019, the RSV Patient Network became part of ReSViNET Foundation, the international leading non-profit organisation committed to reducing the global burdens of RSV infection.

You are not alone

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are not alone. In the past years we have build a community of fellow parents and recently with older adults, who like to share their stories and to talk about their experiences. It helps!

Older adults share their story about their experience with RSV. They did not know about RSV before they were infected. They talk about the impact of RSV and the long-term aftermath.

RSV in older adults

“A personal story of Sanne, mother of Vik. Her son was infected with RSV. Sanne shares her story and inform us about the prevention measurements.”

Sanne – Mother