ReSViNET is a network that will increase the knowledge for trial design and provide partnership in performing clinical trials, in close collaboration with Julius Clinical as a significant partner offering trial support and expertise.

​Although ReSViNET was founded by European researchers, the network aims to collaborate with stakeholders outside of Europe, such as investigators from developing countries through RSV GEN led by University of Edinburgh, but also other existing initiatives working on RSV.

​To ensure quality, knowledge and research possibilities, ReSViNET collaborates closely with a range of specialized partners which are listed below:

Julius Clinical

Julius Clinical is the founding partner of ReSViNET. It is an independent, fast growing Academic Contract Research Organization (ACRO), affiliated with the University Medical Center Utrecht, that combines strong scientific leadership, a broad (international) network, and operational excellence to conduct innovative national and clinical global trials.

Julius Clinical’s quality standards, innovative trial design and operational metrics are among the best in the industry largely due to their philosophy of continuous process improvements. This has led to enrollment of over 220,000 patients in 380 Clinical trials across 39 countries.

University Medical Center Utrecht

The University Medical Center Utrecht is one of the largest public healthcare institution in the Netherlands. With more than 11,000 employees, it is constantly building on the provision of good healthcare services, based on the right people and knowledge.

Healthcare cannot improve without new knowledge about disease and well-being and patients will not receive better healthcare without people who can generate, apply and share this knowledge.

UMC Utrecht’s core activities are therefore:

  • To provide state-of-the-art healthcare that requires special knowledge and expertise
  • To carry out cutting-edge scientific research
  • To offer excellent healthcare programs and training to students, doctors, researchers and other healthcare providers

Rob Hoeijmakers

Rob Hoeijmakers is a seasoned Web Strategist with over 30 years of experience in digital strategy, content management, and online marketing. His expertise lies in developing and optimizing websites and applications, including chatbots, to enhance user experience.

Rob Hoeijmakers partners with Resvinet in web technology, focusing on Artificial Intelligence-driven conversational interactions. With Resvinet’s specialised knowledge of the RS Virus, they collaborate to develop a knowledge base and chatbot. This project aims to offer global public guidance and insight into the RS Virus, leveraging innovative AI solutions to enhance understanding and awareness.