The Foundation

ReSViNET Foundation is the international leading non-profit organisation committed to reducing the global burdens of RSV infection.

RSV acute lower respiratory infection (ALRI) is one of our most significant global healthcare challenges, not only in infants, but also in older adults. It is estimated that globally in 2019, there were 33·0 million RSV-associated acute lower respiratory infection episodes, 3·6 million RSV-associated acute lower respiratory infection hospital admissions, 26300 RSV-associated acute lower respiratory infection in-hospital deaths, and 101 400 RSV-attributable overall deaths (84 500–125 200) in children aged 0–60 months. 

After 4 years of building and shaping the network and months of preparation, the ReSViNET Foundation has officially been founded 2018. Since February 2018 The ReSViNET Foundation has been officially registered as a not-for-profit entity under Dutch law. In the past years ReSViNET has built strong partnerships with many stakeholders in order to raise awareness about RSV infection and to tackle the challenge of RSV infection prevention and treatment. 

We have continuously been working to fulfill our Vision and Mission.

Our vision

To connect global expertise and leadership in order to decrease the global burden of RSV infection

Our mission

To support performance of high quality research, to improve knowledge of RSV epidemiology, and to develop safe and effective therapeutic interventions

Our goals

1.) Advocate and create awareness for the RSV disease.
2.) Combine knowledge and capacity required to enhance development of novel RSV therapeutics

Reduce the global burden of RSV infection

We have built strong partnerships and collaborate with various stakeholders such as researchers, the health sector, governments, international statutory bodies, non-profit organisations and the general public to raise awareness about RSV. Together, we address the challenges of prevention and treatment.

​It will take a concerted global effort to tackle RSV and we are looking forward to continue and advance our collaborations and partnerships with global leaders, WHO, BMGF, RSV society (ISIRV), PATH, EMA, FDA, pharmaceutical companies, patients and other parties within the RSV community to stimulate development dissemination of therapeutics.​