We recommend starting your E-Visa application not earlier than 90 days before you are travelling. If your country requires offline Visa applications, please view the guidelines in the FAQs at the bottom of this page. 

Visitors planning to attend RSVVW’24 should be aware of the visa requirements to enter Mumbai. We advise you to apply for a Conference Visa, however, please refer to the visa FAQs at the bottom of this page for all guidelines.

      • Visa Application Process: To apply for a visa to India, visitors can submit their application online through the Indian government’s official visa portal or apply in-person at the nearest Indian embassy or consulate. Applicants will need to provide relevant documents, such as a passport, photograph, invitation letter from the conference organizers, and proof of financial means to support their stay in India.
      • Letter of Invitation: Request your Letter of Invitation using the button below.
      • Visa Validity: Conference visas are usually valid for up to 6 months, with a maximum stay of 180 days per visit. However, the actual duration of the visa depends on the discretion of the Indian authorities.
      • E-visas: For certain nationalities, India also offers an e-visa option for short-term visits, including business trips and attending conferences. The e-visa application process is entirely online, and the visa is usually issued within 72 hours.
      • Conference Clearance: A conference visa is a type of travel permit issued by the government of the country where you want to travel to attend the conferences. It allows foreign nationals to enter and stay within their country for a limited time period to participate in conference. The Conference Clearance will be coming soon. In case, you would like to extend your stay (for more than 30 days) it is advised to apply for a tourist visa.

Other requirements: Visitors should also ensure that they have valid travel insurance, necessary vaccinations, and follow COVID-19 protocols, including quarantine rules and testing requirements.

To summarise, visitors attending RSVVW’24 should apply for a Conference Visa (refer to the visa FAQs for all guidelines), provide relevant documents, and follow the visa application process carefully.