Travel grant application for our upcoming conference RSVVW’24 will open soon!
  • In order to be considered for a travel grant, applicants must submit an abstract (published or from an ongoing study) as a proof of their involvement in RSV research.
  • Registration grants are available for:
    • Young scientists and researchers
      Such as Ph.D. students, post-doc/fellows, medical residents or certified specialists with no more than 3 years practice.
    • Researchers from Low- and Middle-Income Countries
      Definition based on ​World Bank data.
  • Proof of eligibility is required:
    • Must upload documentation of their institution’s letterhead with a letter from the department head confirming their current position as a researcher from a Low- or Middle-Income Country, or as a young researcher with no more than 3 years practice.
  • Applicants must have affiliation within the RSV field. All applicants must currently work or study in the field of respiratory infectious diseases, and must provide information regarding position/title.
  • One application per registrant.


Your application will be reviewed in 2 rounds.
1. The first review will determine whether or not your abstract is eligible for presentation at RSVVW’24. We aim to notify you via email within 10 working days.
2. The second review will follow as quickly as possible will regard the Travel Grant. You will receive notification via email as soon as possible, and no later than September 15th, 2023.

You can apply for a Travel Grant in our Abstract Submission Platform (click here).


Please, do not register for RSVVW’24 before receiving your travel grant notification email. This email will contain all necessary information needed to proceed with your arrangements for the conference, including the registration process and your grant.

Registration grant recipients are required to present their poster during the conference days and are personally responsible for providing the poster.