Before you begin, please prepare the following information:

  • Candidates for the Young Researchers’ Tournament:
    ❏ Must upload documentation of your institution’s letterhead with a letter from the department head confirming current position as a researcher from a Low- or Middle-Income Country and/or as a young researcher with less than 3 years of working experience since your training.
  • Details Presenting Author & Co-Authors:
       ❏ Full First & Last Name (ex. John C. Smith)
       ❏ Email Address
  • Affiliation Details of Presenting Author & Co-Authors:
       ❏ Position / Title
       ❏ Department & Institution / Hospital
  • Category of Abstract:
       1) Vaccines, Therapies & Treatments
       2) Clinical Studies
       3) Evolution & Epidemiology
       4) Virology & Immunology
  • Abstract Title:
       ❏ Limited to 25 words in UPPERCASE (ex. ABSTRACT ON CLINICAL STUDIES)
  • Abstract Text:
    ❏ Limited to 250 words (including acknowledgements)


Please follow the instructions listed below:

  • All abstracts (published or from ongoing studies) can be submitted through our ​Abstract Submission link, which will be available starting June 5th, 2023.
  • Abstracts must be received by the announced deadline (to be announced) End of Business day (CET).  Abstracts received after the deadlines will not be considered. If you experience any difficulties when submitting your abstract, please contact info@resvinet.org.
  • Submission of an abstract acknowledges the acceptance for the abstract to be published in the official meeting publications.
  • Co-author approval is assumed to be approved with abstract submission.
  • Presenting authors must be registered participants at least 1 month before the conference. If this is not possible due to circumstances, please contact us at info@resvinet.org​.
  • Abstract submitters will be required to disclose any conflict of interests in the submission form.

Eligibility criteria:

  • All applicants must currently work or study in the field of respiratory infectious diseases, and must provide information regarding position/title.
  • Abstracts must be related to RSV and fit to 1 of the 4 categories:
    • Vaccines, Therapies & Treatments
    • Clinical Studies
    • Evolution & Epidemiology
    • Virology & Immunology
  •  Abstracts must be submitted and presented in English.
  • Abstracts must be about recent data.
  • Maximum of 250 words, otherwise abstract will not be accepted.