Abstract Booklet available for download


Poster presenters are required to present their poster during the conference. The presenter is responsible for creating, printing, transporting and setting/removing up their poster for RSVVW’24.

    Poster Guidelines:

    • Dimensions: 30″ (W) x 44″ (H)
    • Orientation: Portrait
    • Poster Materials (Allowed): Can be Flex, Paper, or any other material which will not damage the poster board.
    • Poster Materials (Not Allowed): Self Adhesive Vinyl and Cloth is strictly prohibited.

    Other Tips:

    • Design: Some tips to keep in mind regarding design –
      (1) Simple is good
      (2) Make important information stand out
      (3) Line things up
      (4) Don’t make it overcrowded.

    • Background: Keep your background non-distracting (white or some other light colour).

    • Title & Heading Styles: Clearly define each section with a heading that stands out (i.e. colours, boxes, bold text, white space, etc.)

    • Font & Font Size: Make sure they are easy to read and the size is possible to read from a normal distance.

    • Colours: Using colour is a very important aspect of poster design. Color should capture attention and highlight important information but should not be distracting the viewer.

    Poster Set-Up at the Conference:

    • The presenter is responsible for hanging up their poster in the appropriate category section.
    • Posters can be put up on Day 1 – 13 February 2024 after 14.00 IST in the junior ballroom area.
    • Posters must be removed (by the presenter) after the final conference day – 16 February 2024.