A Global Conference on Novel RSV Preventive and Therapeutic Interventions, held in Mumbai India

​On 13-16 February, 2024, we hosted our 8th conference RSVVW’24 – A Global Conference on Novel RSV Preventive and Therapeutic Interventions. The aim of the conference was to learn and share knowledge on current research, and to connect worldwide the leading researchers, scientists, physicians, industry, academic scientists, scholars, decision-makers, and representatives from regulatory, global health, and governmental organisations. Looking back, the conference was marked by motivating sessions.

Watch the conference recordings here!


Over 422 attendees from 54 countries attended the conference.

We were able to support 61 attendees with a Travel Grant:

  • 8 Scientific Sessions
  • 2 Master Classes
  • 6 Company-Sponsored Symposia
  • 1 Young Researchers Tournament
  • 191 Abstract Posters




Presentation Slides

Inspirational Speaker – Dr. Pawal Agarwal 

We learned about the inspiring story of Dr. Pawan Agarwal’s about his role as a Dabbawala. He shared his valuable lessons in efficiency, leadership, and the power of simplicity.

ReSViNET supports young researchers

ReSViNET’s ambition is to keep encouraging young and emerging researchers. Some of the best and most innovative ideas come from young scientists, and their research is essential for continued innovation in the RSV field. ReSViNET is proud to have organised the RSVVW’24 Young Researchers’ Tournament.

This year the winner is Jonne Terstappen!

The Organising Committee

RSVVW’24 is sponsored by: