RSV Chatbot, an AI driven information tool for the general public


We are very pleased to introduce the RSV Chatbot for parents and patients.

Launch in spring 2024!

Introduction to the Conversational AI Initiative

In an era where technology and healthcare converge to foster advancements in patient education and disease awareness, ReSViNET is at the forefront of innovation with the launch of a cutting-edge AI Conversational Agent. This initiative is a leap forward in our commitment to combating Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), designed to provide critical information directly to those most in need: parents, caregivers, and at-risk adults.

Interactive Engagement:

Promo image for RSV Chatbot provides interactive engagement

Interact in real-time, receiving personalized responses to their inquiries.

Comprehensive RSV Education:

Promo image for RSV Chatbot provides comprehensive RSV education

From understanding symptoms to preventative measures, the agent offers a breadth of information.


Promo image for RSV Chatbot accessibility

Available as a web widget and on WhatsApp, ensuring wide accessibility for users across platforms.

Empowering Stakeholders:

Promo image for empowering stakeholders

An essential tool for medical professionals, nurses, and healthcare providers to facilitate RSV education and patient care.

The RSV Chatbot for the general public poster in Mumbai

A Revolutionary Approach to Health Education

The AI Conversational Agent represents a pivotal shift towards interactive and accessible health education. By leveraging advanced AI technology, this conversational agent is tailored to answer queries, offer guidance, and disseminate vital information on RSV, making it an invaluable resource for the general public and healthcare professionals alike.

Looking Back: The Mumbai Conference

Reflecting on our recent presentation at the yearly conference in Mumbai, the enthusiasm and support from the medical community have been overwhelming. This webpage serves as a follow-up, offering more detail and inviting further engagement from healthcare professionals and stakeholders.

Mr. Louis Bont announcing the RSV Chatbot on RSVVW'24 opening speech

Innovating Together: ReSViNET and Rob Hoeijmakers Collaboration

In a groundbreaking collaboration, ReSViNET, a leader in respiratory health advocacy and education, has partnered with Rob Hoeijmakers, a renowned Web Strategist and expert in digital innovation, to develop an AI Conversational Agent dedicated to combatting Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).