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Empowering Midwives with RSV Education: Your Contribution Matters!

Midwives are trusted healthcare providers, who play an important role in caring for pregnant women and newborns. Midwives can encourage parents to make informed choices to protect their child. They can do this by teaching new parents about early symptoms of severe RSV, explaining good hygiene practices to minimise the risk of infection, and educating about immunisation.

By filling in the survey, you can help us to explore RSV awareness among midwives and share you preferences about educational materials for midwives and parents. Your opinion matters!

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RSVVW’24 Conference

RSVVW’24 Conference!

Recap of the conference, explore the impressive video.

Conference photos!

Reflecting on the conference, explore the photos.

RSV Rewind!

A candid discussion on the highlights of RSVVW ‘24

In this E-Learning Professor Federico Martinón-Torres, Natalie Mazur, Jonne Terstappen and Prof. Louis Bont reflecting back on the RSVVW’24 Conference in Mumbai, India. This e-learning discusses new data, but also the consequences and challenges of RSV worldwide, for both children and older adults.

Maternal Health for Professionals Day by Nataal 

On April 19, we attended the Maternal Health for Professionals Day 2024 by Nataal at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. We aim to raise awareness about RSV among midwives and maternity care professionals. During the event, we had the opportunity to engage with many individuals about what professionals can do to better inform parents about RSV.

Paper of the Month: April 2024

Effectiveness and impact of universal prophylaxis with nirsevimab in infants against hospitalisation for respiratory syncytial virus in Galicia, Spain: initial results of a population-based longitudinal study.

Authors: Federico Martinón-Torres et al.

Galicia (Spain) was one of the first regions worldwide to incorporate nirsevimab for universal respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) prophylaxis in infants into its immunisation programme. The NIRSE-GAL longitudinal population-based study aimed to assess nirsevimab effectiveness in preventing hospitalisations (ie, admittance to hospital).

Article by IHI “Going viral: A new way to track RSV awareness”

We are happy to announce the release of an interesting article, authored by the experts of the IHI – Innovative Health Initiatives hedding light on our online RSV awareness tool.

RSV Dashboard 

We are proud to announce we have developed the first-ever global RSV surveillance dashboard and it is now live!

ReSViNET Foundation, in collaboration with AstraZeneca, is supporting healthcare decisions by providing transparency and accessibility to shared global RSV surveillance data. ReSViNET provides the first online and free dashboard about RSV. The dashboard simplifies tracking changes in RSV seasonality globally and includes at least 20 countries that are representative of different geographic regions from both hemispheres.

Connecting research and society

The ReSViNET Foundation is the first and leading global non-profit organisation fully committed to reducing the global burden of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

We collaborate with various stakeholders, such as researchers, the health sector, governments, international statutory bodies, non-profit organisations and the general public to raise awareness about RSV. Together, we address the challenges of prevention and treatment.

A global health challenge

Every year, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) affects more than 33 million children under 5 years worldwide. It is one of our most significant global healthcare challenges, not only in infants, but also in older adults. ReSViNET is the first official RSV foundation and aims to provide a platform for global collaborations to raise awareness about RSV infection and stimulate the development of RSV prevention and treatment.